About us

We are a family-run independent village store also offering bicycle repairs and sales. There has been a shop in this location serving the local community since 1969 and we (Rowan -shop, & Richard – bikes) have been here since 2016. Sadly we have a closed-door-delivery-only format at the moment due to the Coronavirus but take advantage of the free delivery with no minimum order. We are delivering to Forest Hill, Beckley, Horton cum Studley and Woodeaton twice daily for the foreseeable. Please browse the website to see what we have in our shop, use the contact us form, or phone to make an order (and what we are likely to get in at the moment). Milk, bread, eggs, dairy all coming in fine and usual things that supermarkets are short of we are too such as paracetamol, pasta, rice, toilet rolls…..